At Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse, our infant care programme is built on the ethos of our C.A.R.E framework.

We believe that by being communicative, we build meaningful relationships with our infants and their families.  Our low teacher-to-infant ratio allows us to observe our infants closely.  By doing so, we are attentive to their constantly changing needs and are responsive to attend to them appropriately.

Our infant care environment is purposefully curated to provide an immersive, engaging and nurturing experiences for our infants.  Our infant care programmes captivate our infants’ senses and fuel their curiosity, whilst allowing the natural development of new skills in a safe and secure setting.

Our Infant C.A.R.E programme is centred around: 

Senses Alive

Sensory play tailor to stimulate and refine infants’ 5 senses, movement and balance. Their experiences help them to find a connection to process and respond to sensory information around them.


Exploratory play allows the infants to interact and explore freely with the environment and objects around them. By exploring open-ended materials, the infants make sense of things, their uses and functions, and the causality of how things work.

Jiggle Wiggle

A music-rich programme that exposes the infants to experience and explore with musical instruments, listen and feel the rhythm, tempo, beat and flow of different music genre.


Infants strengthen their fine and gross motor skills through fun physical activities that are specially designed to foster peer bonding, allow freedom of movement and promote their development.

Tiny Doodlers

An early exposure to creative art that provides infants opportunities to experience through their senses, and express their experiences into visual art.