Beyond the duties of a nanny

The moment you hold your newborn, it is love at first sight. Parents want the best for their little angel and could only think of spending all their time being by their newborn’s side. Yet, there is only so much time you can spend with him before you head to work to support the family. It is common for both

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Ask the Expert : How Long Should My Baby Be In The Bathtub Before Running The Risk Of Catching A Chill?

  Water play provides endless and amazing opportunities for babies to experience learning through their senses. Being in contact with water also has a calming effect on babies as it mimics the familiar environment akin to their mother’s womb. Despite the various benefits and possibilities of water play, it is advisable for babies to play with water in the tub

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Ask the Expert : When Should My Baby Progress From Drinking Milk To A Semi-solid Diet?

Wondering when is the right time to introduce semi-solid food to your baby? Is your baby ready to start a semi-solid diet? We understand that bringing up a new-born baby, especially for a first-time mummy, is no easy feat! Although there is no rule that strictly specifies the age for the introduction of semi-solid diet, it is a common practice

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Ask the Expert: The Benefits of Infant Massage

It is a puzzling sight indeed – your newborn cries when you lay him down, but smiles when you pick him up. “Why is that so?” you may ask. Since touch is the primary non – verbal communication received by a newborn, it enhances the interaction between parent and child by fostering mutual trust and understanding. Most new parents might

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