Beyond the duties of a nanny

The moment you hold your newborn, it is love at first sight. Parents want the best for their little angel and could only think of spending all their time being by their newborn’s side. Yet, there is only so much time you can spend with him before you head to work to support the family. It is common for both

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Mother’s Day Carnival at Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse @ Novena

Happy Mother’s Day to all our amazing mothers! Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse @ Novena held a Mother’s Day carnival on 11th May 2018 in conjunction with their Start Small Dream Big (SSDB) project – Little Hearts in a Jar! The carnival’s theme was Fairytales / Disney characters, and our mommies turned up dressing in different Disney characters with their little ones. From
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12 Gifts Under $30!

With new toys on the shelves every season, which good play-value toys will make a great gift this Christmas?  Good play-value toys teach children new skills that are unique to their individuality. Such toys can be used in a variety of ways to ignite your child’s imagination through exploration. One example of a good play-value toy is open-ended toys. They

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Ask an Expert: Raising a Confident Child

A child’s early years are the most crucial period in developing confidence. Studies have shown that a child who lacks confidence will be reluctant to try new or challenging things because they are scared of failing or disappointing others. This fear can result in holding them back later in life, potentially preventing them from having a successful career. So, how

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5 Ways to Foster Independence in Your Child

At the age of two or even three, it may be hard to picture our little ones making their own decisions – what to wear, which activities to do, what to eat. Too much leeway may result in disastrous results, but it is important to give them some independence in their developmental years. So how do we let our children

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The Mid-Autumn Festival, The Moon Fairy and Mooncakes

Here at Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse, we inspire curiosity through activities we conduct. One of which is by celebrating festivals observed by countries across the globe. We believe that our children learn best from experiencing events and these experiences will be valuable ones that stay with them for life. These are some of the activities we conduct at Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse so our

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