Summer Play Activities

Come join us for endless fun in the sun at our Open House!

Dance to bubbly hits, learn science through water play, and cool off with your very own DIY ice cream to end your day on a sweet note!

DIY Ice Cream at

Cook and Bake room

Umbrella Craft

with Artsy Fingers

Do you know that ice cream could be made with a few simple ingredients such as milk and ice? Join us for a scrumptious time as we explore the ways to create our very own ice cream! Just the perfect dessert for a summer play date!

Get those nifty fingers moving with designing and creating! Channel your inner sense of aesthetics with a variety of craft materials to design one of the summer must haves - an umbrella!

Wave Bottle

at Inquiry room

What sinks? What floats? Come find out with us as we learn about the density of objects in water through simple experiments! Surprise yourself and discover the characteristics of different liquids in mixtures.


Sports and active play have a huge impact on a child’s psychological and social well-being. Our fun, interactive, inspirational training (FIIT) programme aims to instill healthy lifestyle habits and sportsmanship through a mix of indoor gym activities and outdoor sports!

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*Register to tour our brand new preschool campus at Orchard today! Join now and learn how you can save up to $3,600 in school fees at the open house:

Located in the bustling city-centre of Singapore, Kiddiwinkie’s new preschool at Orchard occupies over 6500 sqft of space, and sits amidst lush greenery within the metropolitan landscape.

Adorned with full-length windows for ample sunlight, a key highlight of this campus is the vast outdoor space featuring a water play zone, al fresco dining area, and an open-air playground. 

Established in 2013, we believe in developing young minds holistically, through our award-winning inquiry-based preschool programme that balances play and school-readiness. We envision to ignite creativity in each and every child, and nurture innovative, resilient leaders of tomorrow. 

The school is spacious, looks like a playhouse for the kids, both attractive and inviting. The curriculum attracted me the most – there were lots of interesting activities going on daily for the kids beside study which I feel is important for children of this age. Sharmaine looks forward to going to school now and she has become more independent. I am also impressed with her improvement and growth in her interest in the Chinese language (written and oral) within such a short period. Thank you Kiddiwinkie Schoolhouse!


Mum of Sharmaine (K2)

The teachers will be the reason why Kiddiwinkie will continue to thrive. They are the nurturers and influencers of our children. I am very grateful of their passion and creativity in their teaching! It has been proven that nature nurtures our children in so many ways. The smell of flowers; the feel of insects; these are experiences that technology can never replace. With their amazing synergy, the team is wonderfully passionate and motivated at their teaching. I can attest to their creativity, professionalism. Thank you, teachers for providing a wonderful, warm and nurturing learning environment for my child.

May Lian

Mum of Olivia (K2)



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